Vans Korea presents cross-pollination

Vans Korea Skate Team rider Daeghun Ahn releases his first stand-alone video project, Produced and Directed by Hanmin Lee.

Vans Skate Team rider Daeghun Ahn has been quietly working on his street skills for the past year.  Since filming his last part for the first Vans Korea Skate Team Video ‘Gyesok Gyesok’ in 2017, Daeghun Ahn has been on a quiet path of technical improvement which has warranted his own video part.  Daeghun and Hanmin also incorporated the animation work of local artist Arim Go and illustration by Junyoung Kim, splicing together art and skateboarding in a seamless way. 

Film producer and director Hanmin Lee brought his lo-fi approach to the making of Cross-Pollination, as can be seen in his use of multiple film types, such as VHS, Super 8, and VX.  As a testament to the work put into Cross-Pollination, Hanmin Lee burned through 75 VX Tapes, 10 rolls of Super 8 film, 10 VHS tapes, and incurred 15 parking tickets from driving around skate spots in Seoul.  Hanmin Lee was brought onto the Vans project because of his unbounded energy for skateboarding and true commitment to capturing skate moments.